Jiahui International Cancer Center (JICC) is the strategic collaborator of Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and MGH Cancer Center. MGH is proud to have a deep strategic collaboration with Jiahui International Hospital in Shanghai. 

    In 2018, JICC launched “Oncology Multi-Disciplinary Platform” including pan-tumor immune-oncology, Breast, GI, Lung, Thyroid, Myeloma, Lymphoma and others. JICC partners with MGH on cancer care policies and procedures, treatment protocols, governance structure, and quality and safety programs for state-of-the-art, evidence based medical practice Jiahui and MGH also collaborate on physician / patient education outreach and strategic initiatives to promote early diagnosis and treatment of cancer as well as improve outcomes in China as well as erase some of the stigma surrounding specific cancers.

    From October 2018, patients with Shanghai social medical insurance can enjoy the same rights of medical insurance settlement in public hospitals at JICC. Patients will only pay by themselves or settle by commercial insurance the items which are independently priced by Jiahui and not covered in the medical insurance.

    Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), a teaching hospital located in Boston. The hospital was founded in 1811, more than 200 years ago, and is the original and the teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School. MGH trains the next generation of medical and scientific leaders and conducts the hospital-based research program in the United States. 

    Choose Jiahui International Cancer Center for Cancer Diagnosis & Therapy

    • A team with international reputation: Our team brings the international experience, knowledge, and reputation to all our patient care. 

    • State-of-the-art Treatments: Our U.S. board-certified physicians and fully trained staff utilize cutting-edge procedures and techniques to treat cancer. 

    • Multidisciplinary Treatment: Since we’re part of Jiahui International Hospital and in collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital and its Cancer Center, we can refer our patients to specialists across departments and disciplines to ensure that you receive comprehensive care for every aspect of your physical, emotional, and social well-being. We have expertise in dealing with treatment side effects in multidisciplinary manner.

    • Security: Our physicians are trained to go above and beyond international standards in patient privacy, safety at every care level. Quality/Governance We bring in international tumor boards for quality governance, i.e. MGHCC review radiation therapy plans for each JICC patient.

    • Convenience: Patient can fast access to diagnostics and treatment. JICC is designed to help patients and their family save time, energy and built resilience to fight cancers with modern technology and an optimized process. 

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